You have come to this website because you have either been charged with a criminal offence or you have reason to believe that you might be.


You may be scared, unsure of the process, and have many questions. Just like an accountant can help you with your taxes or a doctor with your medical condition, a criminal defence lawyer is a professional that can assist you with the complexities of Canada’s legal system and most importantly with your criminal or potential criminal charges.

Please call 403-830-1980 or 403-233-0443 (and ask to speak to Joel) for immediate, 24 hour emergency legal assistance and/or to set up an appointment for a FREE initial consultation. You may also email Joel Chevrefils at It may be the most important decision you ever make.


Joel Chevrefils is a criminal defence lawyer based out of Calgary, Alberta, primarily servicing Provincial Courts located in Calgary, Cochrane, Didsbury, Airdrie, Strathmore, Okotoks, Brooks, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Red Deer, and Edmonton. However, he appears in Provincial Criminal Court all over the province of Alberta and on occasion in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.


Experienced In

Impaired Driving/DUI

Act of operating or having care or control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs READ MORE

Dangerous Driving

Operating a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public READ MORE.

Drug Possession

Possession of substance except as authorized under the regulations, no person shall possess a substance included in Schedule I, II or III. READ MORE

Drug Trafficking

No person shall traffic in a substance included in Schedule I, II, III or IV or in any substance represented or held out by that person to be such a substance. READ MORE

Money Laundering

The process of transforming the proceeds of crime into ostensibly legitimate money or other assets  READ MORE


A person commits an assault when without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;


Murder & Manslaughter

Murder is the killing of another person without justification or valid excuse, and it is especially the unlawful killing of another person with malice aforethought

Manslaughter is a legal term for the killing of a human being, in a manner considered by law as less culpable than murder.


Assault/Domestic Assault

No person shall, without lawful authority and knowing that another person is harassed or recklessly causes that other person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them.

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Resisting Arrest/Assaulting Officer

Every one who resists or wilfully obstructs a public officer or peace officer in the execution of his duty or any person lawfully acting in aid of such an officer.

Every one commits an offence who assaults a public officer or peace officer engaged in the execution of his duty or a person acting in aid of such an officer

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Sexual Assault

A sexual assault is an assault in which the complainant’s sexual integrity is violated READ MORE

Break & Enter

Every one who breaks and enters a place with intent to commit an indictable offence therein READ MORE


Every one commits robbery who steals, and for the purpose of extorting whatever is stolen or to prevent or overcome resistance to the stealing, uses violence or threats of violence to a person or property READ MORE

Kidnapping & Unlawful Confinement

Every person commits an offence who kidnaps a person with intent to cause the person to be confined or imprisoned against the person’s will


Forcible confinement is every one who without lawful authority, confines, imprisons or forcibly seizes another person is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years; or




Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretence within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security or any service READ MORE


Every one commits mischief who wilfully destroys or damages or property renders property dangerous, useless, inoperative or ineffective;



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Every one commits theft who fraudulently and without colour of right takes, or fraudulently and without colour of right converts to his use or to the use of another person.


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Failure to Stop or Remain at Scene of Accident

Every person commits an offence who has the care, charge or control of a vehicle, vessel or aircraft that is involved in an accident with another person, a vehicle, vessel or aircraft, or in the case of a vehicle, cattle in the charge of another person

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Uttering Threats

Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat to cause death or bodily harm to any person.

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Youth Charges

Joel deals with all matters dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)


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About Joel

Joel Chevrefils has been helping the citizens of Calgary and area who have been charged with a criminal or quasi-criminal offence since 2004. He is a born and raised Calgarian, and a graduate of the University of Calgary holding degrees in Business, Economics, and Law.


He has a developed a practice focused primarily on criminal defence or other quasi-criminal matters that are handled by the Provincial Court of Alberta at the trial level.


However, he has appeared in all levels of court in Alberta including the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Alberta Court of Appeal. He has been mentored by some of the best legal minds in Calgary including Willie deWit and Lorne Scott and works passionately for his clients. He will take the time to get to know you and your story, and develop a strategy to best assist you with your current situation.

Joel is an active member of the legal community and volunteers his time as an advising lawyer at both Student Legal Assistance and previously with Calgary Legal Guidance. He is a member of the Law Society of Alberta, the Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers Association, the Calgary Bar Association, and has sat on the executive board for the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Bar Association’s Criminal Section.


Joel accepts both private and Legal Aid retainers and is a criminal defence lawyer who is proud to serve all of the communities of Alberta (and on occasion locations in British Columbia and Saskatchewan), but primarily servicing Provincial Courts located in CalgaryCochraneDidsburyAirdrieStrathmore,OkotoksBrooks, Medicine HatLethbridgeRed Deer, and Edmonton.


If you have been charged with a criminal or quasi-criminal offence, please contact Joel Chevrefils 24 hours a day at: 403-830-1980